Georgia Bone & Joint Surgeons Clinic

Whether you have an athletic injury, painful arthritis or need a joint replacement, our team will help you return to your active lifestyle as quickly as possible.

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Complete Spinal Care

We've got your back. From diagnosis through intervention we are able to provide the most effective surgical and non-surgical solutions for both acute and chronic conditions of the spine.

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Center for Orthopedic Surgery

Our surgery center fulfills the patient and families needs for a skilled, dependable, and caring alternative to in-patient hospitalization. The facility offers orthopedic and spinal surgical care along with diagnostic and therapeutic procedures for the wellness of patients of all ages.

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Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

Onsite technology that gives our doctors the ability to tailor imaging to meet the patient’s needs and providing flexibility for the patient.

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Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine

Our Physical Therapy is an in-house, physician owned clinic that caters exclusively to Georgia Bone & Joint patients. This close proximity allows our doctors to closely follow a patient’s care and allow recommendations to be made during therapy.

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Center for Orthopedic Surgery

Center for Orthopedic Surgery Staff

The Center for Orthopedic Surgery is a state licensed and Medicare approved ASC (Ambulatory Surgical Center) owned by the physicians of Georgia Bone & Joint Surgeons, P.C. Opened in 1998, the outpatient orthopedic facility's mission is to provide excellent patient care in a caring environment while continuing to upgrade and expand to meet and exceed state and federal regulations.

Our surgery center boasts a range of outpatient procedures from a variety of specialized care offered by our board certified orthopedic and spine surgeons, as well as special pain management procedures by our highly qualified physicians. The orthopedic and spinal surgeries are conducted by use of minimally invasive and advanced arthroscopic techniques where possible. This means that these procedures which once required lengthy hospital stays that can now be done using very small incisions to ensure a less painful and more rapid recovery.

What was once thought of as major orthopedic and spine procedures are now done routinely on an outpatient basis including implants of screws or rods, laser discectomies, knee and shoulder arthroscopy. Because of the high-level of care these major procedures can now safely be performed in our surgery center.

In addition our center strives to provide patients with safe, cost effective care in a comfortable, family like atmosphere. Our patients receive a high level of professionalism and one on one care by our experienced staff. All Center nurses are certified in Advanced Cardiac Life Support and are continually trained in the latest patient care and safety techniques. To complement the nursing staff, the Center also has a full-time Board Certified Anesthesiologist, Norman Garner, MD.

Center For Orthopedic Surgery | Permit# 008-151